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World Photography Day - 19 August 2021

Inuit boy, future photographer

This image was taken in East Greenland, in 1986, during Australia's first Arctic expedition. The boy lived in the tiny hamlet of Ikateq, on Ammassalik Island. We arrived at Ikateq in our sea kayaks in the late afternoon and this Inuit boy was very interested in our cameras. We had several cameras, including Nikon and Olympus, in addition to a 16mm professional movie camera.
The boy was entranced by my Nikon L35AWAF/L35AWAD waterproof rangefinder camera. In fact, he liked it so much that he crept back during the night and stole it out of the deck bag on my kayak.
Several years later, the camera case, with no film and its mechanism ripped out, arrived by post at Expedition HQ in Melbourne, Australia. There was no note or explanation. That was a mystery and so too was his interest in cameras: did he later become a photographer?
Camera: Nikon FM2.
Film: Ektachrome.
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