I shoot portraits of remarkable people.

In 1974, in London, I first bought my first SLR - the revolutionary Olympus OM1, championed by Litchfield and Snowdon - and battered it to death on 15 expeditions. My images have been used in magazines, newspapers and audio-visual productions. I've worked with stills and movie format in Australia, UK, France, Nepal, Italy, Denmark and Greenland.

Today, in addition to digital colour portraits, in studio or on site, and studio instructional and conference videos, I also shoot 'old skool' in monochrome using available light, fixed lenses, and traditional formats with a range of classic cameras and film types.

Focusing on portraits, I'm inspired by Godard's insight: 'Photography is truth'. The portrait photographer's challenge is to go beyond the superficial image and uncover the essence of the subject's soul. New York large format photographer Berenice Abbott declared in the 1930s, "Photography has to walk alone; it has to be itself." Likewise, the portrait of each unique individual.

This site includes a small rotating guest gallery of images from inspirational photographers.

To discuss a portrait commission, email me: deblonville@gmail.com